Program overview

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Monday, September 4th 14:00

Welcome Address
Esther Kühn & Eckart Gundelfinger

14:15 - Keynote lecture

John “Jack” Byrne (Houston)
“Pharmacological Approaches and Computer-Assisted Optimization of Training Schedules to Enhance Memory Mechanisms”

15:00 - Session 1: Neuroplasticity: How genes & molecules manifest physiology & behavior (chaired by Anna Ciuraszkiewicz & Kathrin Marter)

Kathrin Marter (Magdeburg)
“Towards the Characterization of the Drosophila Learning Proteome using Cell-Selective Non-Canonical Amino Acid Tagging”

André Fiala (Göttingen)
“Learning and memory in Drosophila: Linking behavior, neuronal circuits and synaptic plasticity”

Denise Manahan-Vaughan (Bochum)
“Differentiated encoding by hippocampal subfields of components of a spatial representation”

Anna Ciuraszkiewicz (Magdeburg)
“Distinct roles of auxiliary α2δ subunits of voltage-gated calcium channels in excitatory/inhibitory neurotransmission and network activity”

Thomas J. McHugh (Tokyo)
“Local circuit interactions shaping hippocampal excitability”

Tuesday, September 5th, 9:00

Session 2: The 'brain's' change of view - neural basis of behavioral flexibility (chaired by Max Happel & Adrian Fischer)

Jaime de la Rocha (Barcelona)
“Rats decisions flexibly integrate sensory information and recent history of outcomes”

Max Happel (Magdeburg)
“Enhanced memory flexibility by modulation of cortical circuits”

Simon Rumpel (Mainz)
“Experience induces rapid nucleus-scale movements of chromatin”

Adrian Fischer (Magdeburg)
“Beta power as an online decision index”

Hauke Heekeren (Berlin)
“Learning, memory, and decision making: from perception to valuation”

11:40 - Keynote lecture

Pascal Fries (Frankfurt / Main)

“Rhythms for Cognition: Communication through Coherence”

14:00 - Session 3: Changing Matters - Intrinsic plasticity in health and disease (chaired by Esther Kühn & Jeffrey Lopez-Rojas)

Stefan Remy (Bonn)
“Synaptic integration in hippocampal neurons during spatial navigation”

Jeffrey Lopez Rojas (Magdeburg)
“Intrinsic plasticity of mature granule cells of the dentate gyrus”

Thomas Nevian (Bern)
“Plasticity of cortical neuronal networks in neuropathic pain”

Esther Kühn (Magdeburg)
“A new window of insight: In-vivo cortical myelin mapping in humans at sub-milimeter resolutions”

Michael Lippert (Magdeburg)
“Plasticity in the dopamine system: influence of sustained VTA activation on brain-wide functional networks”

Andreas Frick (Bordeaux)
“Intrinsic plasticity of neocortical circuits in memory and autism spectrum disorder”

17:00 – Poster session & free food and drinks

Wednesday, September 6th, 9:00

Session 4: The multiple faces of stress: A tale of (mal-) adaptation (chaired by Iris Müller & Anne Albrecht)

Anne Albrecht (Magdeburg)
“HIPP neurons in the dentate gyrus mediate the cholinergic modulation of background context memory salience”

Susan Sangha (West Lafayette)
“Neural circuitry for suppressing conditioned fear in the presence of a safety cue”

Iris Müller (West Lafayette)
“The impact of juvenile experience on learning in adulthood”

Harm Krugers (Amsterdam)
“Stress, Emotions and Memory”

Elbert Geuze (Utrecht)
“Imaging trauma: Neuroimaging studies of traumatic stress”

11:40 - Keynote lecture

Alon Chen (Rehovot)
“Genetic and optogenetic dissection of the central stress response and stress-linked psychiatric disorders”

12:25 - Closing Remarks
Constanze Seidenbecher